New Patriotic Party (NPP) chairman for Bia West Constituency in the Western Region, Mr. Uncle Joe has organized a massive demonstration against the district police command over what motorist of the area refer to as unlawful treatment against drivers and ridders.
Motorists have been complaining bitterly over this unlawful charges by the police claiming that the police command has made it compulsory that every motorbike ridder must pay GHC500.00. as licensing fee and also do compulsory insurance fee of GHC500.00. summing up to a tune of GHC1,000.00.
This operation has led to the arrest of almost every ridder in the district, except for a few for failing to pay the amount.
The angry ridders led by Uncle Joe the incumbent NPP constituency chairman stormed the police station with protest, chanting war songs saying they will never pay such a huge amount of money for licensing and insurance alone
Speaking to Uncle Joe, he said vehicles cannot work properly in the constituency due to their bad nature of roads. This has therefore left almost 80% of the people use  motorbike as their means of transport.
When someone is sick or  when a pregnant woman is about to deliver they use motorbike to convey the person to the hospital all because of the bad nature of road network and for that matter if the police makes it uncomfortable for them to use motorbike, life will be miserable for the people.
Source: Abdul Majid

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